I’m a savvy marketing and communications strategy expert with a history of successfully of leading Fortune 500 client marketing and PR campaigns. Specializing in developing and implementing creative outside-the-box integrated marketing and public relations campaigns, social marketing and SEO, website development and blog content, events, grant writing, brand strategy, stakeholder engagement, community development for agricultural, green technologies, consumer products, financial services, non-profits, entertainment and lifestyle clients.






Social marketing may seem cutting-edge but the word-of-mouth principles have been around for ages. I have the technical background for the execution and analytics as well as a deep understanding of creating agile relationships with an audience -online and off. Integrating traditional marketing techniques with new media is a passion that drives my efforts.
Sample clients:

Drive Clean CA, AQMD, CDFA, DOE Clean Cities-Tiger Teams, Faster Freight Cleaner Air Conferences, Honda, Toyota, Daimler, STA Travel, Clean Energy, Edison, SoCal Gas, Corey Everson Fitness.


With sound business acumen, I capitalize on my extensive outreach campaign and crisis management experience to implement ‘best-practices” as well as creative approaches from a variety of industries. I steer sound and flexible PR strategies with relevant and candid communications to both media and consumers. Getting “ink” comes from good-story-telling to the right target.
Sample clients:

MidAmerica Auctions, Barbara McQueen, BMW, Odwalla, Waste Management, CA Strawberry Commission, Carly Simon, Aerosmith, Alexis Bledel, Clean Truck Program, Port of Los Angeles, Landi Renzo (CNG supplier), California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership


Just understanding a brand’s promise is not enough. It takes ingenuity, intuition, and plenty of research to perceive the psychology behind what factors facilitates consumer retention, loyalty, and endorsement. I’ve worked with start-up and established companies to “package” their promise into something tangible. I am a professional student of emerging trends, market indicators, and case studies and I always incorporate fresh approaches to design and identity.
Sample clients:

Luciam Designs, DogstarLA, Mont Cafe, Gourmet Fusion Foods, Jessica Fadness Hair, Hit Parader.

Stacey’s depth and understanding of providing outstanding PR and marketing strategies is exceptional. She worked with me directly to create a comprehensive national marketing plan that was both tactical and cost-effective. She incorporated proactive initiatives to renovate our brand ambassador program as well as as create tangible opportunity to reach untapped markets.

—Stephen Madaus, National Marketing Coordinator STA Travel

Stacey took on a near impossible task and performed extraordinarily. She created a volunteer recruitment strategy and conducted outreach to a wide range of groups. Not only does Stacey inspire the team around her, she is able to infuse her enthusiasm about the project into each interaction which was extremely helpful in volunteer recruitment. She is patient, calm under high pressure and delivers quality every time.

—Jaime Nack, Founder and CEO at One Drop Interactive

The growth of our business is fueled by new clients. Here, too, Stacey proved herself invaluable, playing a critical role in our winning a flagship client in an important new market. Her efforts were truly above and beyond the call of duty, which underscore her determination and acumen.

—Kevin J. O’Donnell, Executive Vice President /Research Director
Pacific/West Communications Group Inc.


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